What AP courses does Boston University accept for credit?

How many AP credits does Boston University accept?

Boston University accepts a maximum of 36 AP credits in high school. Students who earn a 3 or higher on their AP exams are considered to have earned an AP credit at Boston University. Additionally, students may receive up to 6 dual-credit credits from their high school if they take advanced placement courses offered by the university.

Does Boston University grant college credit for AP exams with a score of 3, 4, or 5?

Boston University does not grant college credit for AP exams with a score of 3, 4, or 5. However, students who earn a 3, 4, or 5 on an AP exam may be eligible to receive college credit through the university’s honors program. Students must first enroll in the honors program and then petition the department offering the course they wish to take as a transfer credit.

How are AP credits applied at Boston University?

Boston University accepts AP credits as part of the application process. Applicants must submit a transcript and score report from each school they have attended, including Boston University. The credits will be calculated based on the grades received in courses that were offered at the other schools. In order to receive credit for a course, students must earn a grade of “C” or better. Credits may also be earned through participation in college-level examinations such as the SAT or ACT. After calculating credits, applicants are then required to submit an official transcript from Boston University. If all requirements are met, admission officers will review the application and determine if credits are sufficient for admission.

Are there any differences between the way BU and other colleges handle AP credits?

Boston University accepts AP credits in the same way as other colleges. There are no significant differences between how BU and other colleges handle AP credits.

Most colleges accept AP credits as if they were regular college credit, with the exception of some which may require a higher score on an AP exam to receive full credit. Most students who take AP classes at BU earn college credit, just like any other coursework they take on campus.

There are a few exceptions to this rule: Some courses at BU may not count towards a student’s major or minor, and certain exams (like the SAT) are only accepted as official scores by certain schools. However, most courses taken at BU count towards a student’s degree program and can be used to improve their GPA.

How do I know if my chosen major will allow me to receive credit for my AP exam scores?

When choosing a major, it is important to determine if the school you are applying to accepts AP credits. Generally, universities will accept AP scores for courses that count towards your degree program. However, there may be some exceptions - so it is important to check with the school before enrolling in any classes. Additionally, some colleges and universities may require you to take additional coursework or exams in order to receive credit for your AP exam scores.

I've heard that some colleges will only give you credit for certain AP exams - is this true of BU as well?

When it comes to receiving credit for AP exams, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Every college has different policies regarding which AP exams are accepted and how much credit students are awarded. Some colleges will only give you credit for tests that were offered in the current school year, while others may accept any AP exam from any previous school year. Ultimately, it's important to check with your specific institution to find out their policy on credits for AP exams.

Can I use my AP credits to fulfill core curriculum requirements at BU?

Yes, you can use your AP credits to fulfill core curriculum requirements at Boston University. However, you will need to speak with an academic advisor to determine which courses would be best suited for you and how many credits you should take. Additionally, please note that some courses may have prerequisites that must be met before taking them. Finally, keep in mind that not all courses offered at BU are available for credit through the AP program. Consult the catalog or online course schedule for more information.

If I have too many credits from my AP exams, can I use them towards an elective instead?

Boston University accepts AP credits for electives. However, you must first petition the university to do so. Once approved, the credits will count as equivalent to course credit at BU.

Do all of BU's schools and colleges follow the same guidelines when it comes to awarding credit for Advanced Placement courses?

When it comes to awarding credit for Advanced Placement courses, Boston University follows the same guidelines as all of BU's schools and colleges. In general, you can receive credit for AP exams and coursework with a “C” or higher. However, there are a few exceptions: some classes may not offer enough AP credit to earn a “C” grade, and some exams may not be accepted for credit. To find out more about how your specific course might count toward your degree at BU, please contact the department that offers the class you're interested in.

Where can I find more information about how Boston University handles course equivalencies for students with Advance Placement (AP) exam scores?

Boston University accepts AP credits for course equivalency purposes. You can find more information on the university's website, or by contacting its registrar's office. In addition, you can also check with your high school to see if it offers any AP courses that Boston University may accept for credit. Finally, be sure to ask your professor about specific course requirements - some classes may require more than one AP exam score to earn a passing grade.

When will I know how many advanced placement (AP) credits Boston University has accepted and what those credits are worth within my degree progress report (DPR)?

Advanced Placement (AP) credits are college-level coursework that allow students to earn college credit. Boston University will accept AP credits for courses that are offered in the student’s high school curriculum. The number of AP credits accepted and what they are worth within your degree progress report (DPR) is determined by the Boston University Registrar’s Office.

To find out how many AP credits have been accepted and what they are worth, you can contact the Boston University Registrar’s Office at 617-353-2121 or visit their website at


What is the deadline for submitting Advanced Placement Exam results to Admissions in order to be considered for freshman admission to Boston University?

Boston University accepts Advanced Placement Exam results as part of the application process for freshman admission. The deadline to submit AP exam results is December 1st.